Uutiset / News


We started the race as carefully as possible. First 30 miles out from Stockholm to open waters are super busy and narrow. Of course it was upwind, too. Had two reefs in main and the smallest foresail. Still it felt horrible to navigate this ocean racer in a crowded route with all kinds of boats...


Race from Stockholm around Gotland to Sandhamn is now on. Ari is sailing it with a crew. The lively race village offered its best before the start and it was cool to meet Helly Hansen people and another ambassador, a Swedish World Cup alpine ski racer  Mattias Hargin there, too. Lars from Helly Hansen,...


Summer is busy. Preparing myself and the boat, training and doing great events together with my partners. Next race on the list is Åf Offshore Race which used to be called Gotland Runt. The start is next Sunday, July 1st.  The 350 NM race starts from Stockholm, goes aound Gotland and finishes to Sandhamn....



My tool is the world's greatest ocean racing monohull IMOCA60. She's an Owen Clarke Design from 2008 before known as Aviva. Her name now is ARIEL II until She get's her main sponsor. She was launched in April. The preparations were managed by Joff Brown and his team in Gosport, Endeavour Quay. Read more


Ariel II will be spending the summer 2018 in the Baltic Sea. Her home port is HSK in Helsinki. Sailing in the Baltic Sea is testing, training, PR and some races. 1000 NM qualification sailing for Route du Rhum 2018 is also sailed in the Baltic Sea in June.


"This 40th anniversay Route du Rhum-Destination Guadeloupe looks set to hold many surprises, writing a new and exciting chapter in the storied history of this legendary Transatlantic race", says the race organisation. My name is already on the list. Start of the race from St. Malo, France to Guadeloupe, Caribbean is Nov. 4th. Read more

Purjehtija / Sailor

Yksin. Ilman ulkopuolista apua. Kilpaa.

Solo. Without assistance.


Finnairin lentokapteeni. Takana kolmisenkymmentä vuotta kilpapurjehdusta, joista suurin osa valtameripurjehdusta yksin. Tavoitteeni on päästä mukaan maailman vaativimpaan purjehduskilpailuun Vendée Globeen 2020.


Olen osallistunut kolmeen Atlantin yli yksinpurjehduskilpailuun. Niistä kaksi ensimmäistä purjehdin 6,50 metrisellä Classe Mini -luokan veneellä: Mini Transat 1999 ja Transat 6,50 2007. Marraskuussa 2014 pääsin Pogo40-veneelläni legendaarisen Route du Rhum -kisan maaliin, ensimmäisenä pohjoismaalaisena.


I am a 55-year old Finnish airline pilot and Captain at Finnair. Been sailing and racing around 30 years of which most single handed. My top achievements are single handed trans Atlantic races 1999 and 2007 with Classe Mini boats and with a Class 40 boat in Route du Rhum 2014. My next goal is to race Imoca60 to the Vendee Globe 2020.



Monaco Globe Series June 8, 2018
Route Du Rhum Nov 4, 2018
Transat Jacques Vabre Oct 27, 2019
The Transat May 10, 2020
Transat NY-Vendée May 24, 2020
Vendée Globe Nov 8, 2020


IMOCA is a class association for 60-foot Open monohulls (18.28 metres). Its championship (Imoca Globe Series) include legendary ocean races that catch massive attention globally and in the countries the skippers represent.
Millions of people follow - because these are true stories, human versus element. Therefore also the brand engagement potential for partners is huge.

"The IMOCA class aims to make ocean racing more international and it brings together ideas about competitions, innovation, human adventure and safety.
The first to witness the effects of climate change and committed to the need to respect the environment, IMOCA skippers contribute to this each day with the development and research into solutions to find alternative energy sources (hydrogenerators, wind turbines, solar energy, fuel cells), leading to the development of hybrid solutions and the construction of boats that are designed to last."

Source: IMOCA