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Uutiset / News


Blue. So blue. That’s the color of the week. Progress and mentally vice. Stuck in the high pressure system. Forecasts changing each day. ETA slipping. Glued. For the whole team WONDERFUL NEWS was that Ari and Stark got awarded as the Sponsorship of the Year and Audience Favourite in the Sponsorship and Events award...


Ari Huusela ja STARK matkalla maailman ympäri on voittanut Vuoden sponsorointiteko -palkinnon sekä valittu Yleisön suosikiksi/Vuoden sponsorinostoksi.  Voiton myötä asetumme ehdolle Suomen edustajana myös European Sponsorships Awardseihin vuoden kuluttua. Tuomaristo arvioi yli 40 ehdolla ollutta yhteistyöhanketta ja valitsi Starkin ja Ari Huuselan kumppanuuden finaaliin kolmessa kategoriassa: Vuoden Sponsori, Vuoden Sponsorointiteko ja Urheilusponsorointi.  Raati perusteli valintaa Vuoden Sponsorointiteoksi: ”Poikkeuksellisen rohkea yhtälö, jossa panostukset...


What a week. Crossing the Equator exactly on Friday evening. It was exactly 2 months after Ari crossed it to the opposite direction. He felt good to be back in the Northern Hemisphere. There has been many nice sailing days and couple of horrible ones. Doldrums are usually never easy. Boat banging waves, gusts,...


My tool is the world's toughest ocean racing monohull IMOCA. She's an Owen Clarke Design from 2007 before known as Aviva and Ariel2. Now named after the mainsponsor STARK. Read more


The legendary Route du Rhum celebrated its 40th anniversary in November 2018. Record high number of skippers participated. Only 79 out if 123 in total managed to finis the race. Due to heavy storms this his race was said to be toughest ever. I became 11th (20) in class IMOCA. Global media value of the race was 114 million euros. Read more

2019 first race "Bermudes1000" was sailed in May. I finished this single-handed 2000NM race 16th. Read more
Transat Jacques Vabre 2019 was sailed double-handed along an old coffee route from France to Brazil. Arie2 was co-skippered by Michael Ferguson. Read more

2020-2021 will be magical as the whole world will be focusing on the Everest of the seas - Vendée Globe.


This iconic round the globe race Vendée Globe is a true human challenge. It is raced alone, non-stop, without assistance. And its said to be the world's toughest sailing race for monohulls. It organized every 4th year and the date of the next spectacular start was Nov. 8th 2020. FOLLOW THE RACE


Monaco Globe Series June 8, 2018
Route Du Rhum Nov 4, 2018
Bermudes1000 Race May 8, 2019
Transat Jacques Vabre Oct 27, 2019
Vendée Arctic July 4, 2020
Vendée Globe Nov 8, 2020

Luokassa purjehditaan valtavien yleisömerien seurannan alla, valtameripurjehduksen maailman huipulla.


"Founded in 1991 and recognised by World Sailing (International Sailing Federation) since 1998, the ‘International Monohull Open Class Association’ manages the class of 60-foot (18.28 metres) Open monohulls. IMOCA defines the rules guaranteeing sporting equity by developing the innovation and safety of the boats. The aim of the class is to develop the fleet of monohulls and offer its skippers an attractive and coherent sports programme. It contributes to the internationalisation of offshore racing and combines the notions of competition, innovation, human adventure and safety on a day-to-day basis.

Central to IMOCA’s concerns as it evolves is how to constantly respect the environment better. Renewable energies are not merely viewed as a resource, but also a key element in terms of performance.

In 2018, the class launched the IMOCA Globe Series: its 4-year singlehanded and double-handed race championship, the Vendée Globe being the flagship race of this programme. The IMOCA Globe Series rewards exceptional skippers who race on the most extreme seas aboard some of the most innovative offshore racing monohulls in the world."

Source: IMOCA


The purpose of the IMOCA and its members' approach is to act with both humility and determination in order to minimize our impact within our industry and to broadcast cautionary and positive messages to our global audience.

The objective is to put together an extensive programme, proposing practical and achievable actions and involving as many protagonists as possible, beyond the ocean racing environment.

We hope that skippers, teams, suppliers, events and partners can take ownership of some of the proposed actions and that everyone can become an ambassador for the programme.

Source: IMOCA

Purjehtija / Sailor

Yksin. Ilman ulkopuolista apua. Kilpaa. Pysähtymättä.

Solo. Without assistance. Non-stop.


Finnairin lentokapteeni. Takana kolmisenkymmentä vuotta kilpapurjehdusta, joista suurin osa valtameripurjehdusta yksin.


Olen osallistunut neljään Atlantin yli yksinpurjehduskilpailuun. Kerran olen kisannut Atlantin yli kaksin. Ensimmäiset valtameriyksinpurjehdukseni Atlantin yli kisasin vain 6,50 metrisellä Classe Mini -luokan veneellä: Mini Transat 1999 ja Transat 6,50 2007. Marraskuussa 2014 pääsin Pogo40-veneelläni legendaarisen Route du Rhum -kisan maaliin, ensimmäisenä pohjoismaalaisena ikinä. Route du Rhum 2018 teki minusta ensimmäisen pohjoismaalaisen IMOCA-luokan kilpailuun osallistuneen ja sen maaliin päässeen kipparin. 2019 tein taas pohjoismaalaista historiaa kipparoidessani kuuluisan Transat Jacques Vabre -kahvikisan maaliin. Suurin unelmani toteutui 8.11.2020 kun starttasin jälleen kerran ensimmäisenä ja ainoana pohjoismaalaisena uskomattomaan Vendée Globeen.


I am a 58-year old Finnish Airbus A350 airline pilot and Captain at Finnair. Been sailing and racing around 30 years of which most single handed. My top achievements are single handed trans Atlantic races 1999 and 2007 with Classe Mini boats, Route du Rhum 2014 with a Class 40 boat. My IMOCA achievements are: Route du Rhum 2018, Bermudes 1000 2018 and Transat Jacques Vabre 2019.

I am the first and only Nordic skipper racing in IMOCA Globe Series.

Right now it is time to follow my race in the magical, iconic Vendée Globe!

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