Ariel2 IMOCA60 already break records in Helsinki-Tallinna Race (HTR) that will start this Friday afternoon. Never before in Finland has a boat had a LYS handicap over 2 as Ariel2 got it 2,14. That is a high number indeed.

HTR is the biggest offshore sailing race in Finland. As the name says, it is sailed from Helsinki to Tallinn where a weekend long party waits. Ari Huusela and his crew however will make a U-turn after crossing the finish line and return the boat to Uiva boat exhibition same night.

Ariel2 is competing in Business LYS by name Containerships Ariel2

You can follow the race here

HTR has been organized since 1993 and it’s entry fees support the Childrens Hospital of Tallinn.

Main photo by Jari Salo, Sailing Images