Route du Rhum 2018 oli vaativa kilpailu. Kaksi kolmesta pääsi hyväksytysti maaliin.  Two thirds of the skippers made it. This race was among the toughest in it’s history.

Closing time for the Route du Rhum-Destination Guadeloupe

The 3,542 nautical mile course from northern Brittany, France to the French Caribbean island was completed by 79 of the 123 solo skippers who started on Sunday November 4th. 42 abandoned the race and with two out of time, 34% per cent of the fleet did not finish.

Breakdown by Class:
ULTIME: 6 starters, 4 finished, 2 abandoned (33%)
Multi50: 6 starters, 5 finished, 1 abandoned (17%)
IMOCA: 20 starters, 15 finished, 5 abandoned (25%)
Class40: 53 starters, 34 finished, 1 out of time, 18 abandoned (34%)
Mono Rhum: 17 starters, 9 finished, 1 out of time, 7 abandoned (41%)
Multi Rhum: 21 starters, 12 finished, 9 abandoned (43%)

Source: Route du Rhum (see full article here)

Prize giving in Paris Salon Nautic: Romain Attanasio, Ari Huusela, Fabrice Amedeo

The IMOCA class offers a very positive appraisal of the Route du Rhum

The twenty sailors competing in the eleventh edition of the Route du Rhum-Destination Guadeloupe put on a remarkable show, at the end of which Paul Meilhat (SMA) came out on top ahead of Yann Eliès (Ucar-StMichel)  and Alex Thomson (Hugo Boss). Out of the twenty sailors that set sail from Saint-Malo, fifteen made it to Pointe-à-Pitre.

Very respectable performances from the amateurs Two other newcomers to the IMOCA class deserve our full respect. Erik Nigon and the Finnish sailor, Ari Huusela had cautious races, but sailed well, while enjoying their adventure. “Erik and Ari are amateurs and both work at the same time as being involved with their IMOCA projects,” Guillaume Evrard reminded us. “They finished respectively tenth and eleventh out of the twenty boats that set sail and did not stop, which is a very respectable outcome.”

Source: Imoca

Winner of RDR2018 was 62-year old Francis Joyon (ULTIME). He arrived on 11/12 at 05:21. Race time was 7 days 14 hours and 21 minutes and 47 seconds which also is a new record.

This eleventh edition remains marked by this succession of muscular depressions, but it proved to be a Route du Rhum-Destination Guadeloupe full of suspense in almost all categories, with racing – sport – at a very high level”, says Jacques Caraës, Race Director in Route du Rhum News

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“If you’re still in the race, it’s already an achievement”, Morgan Lagravière Nov 9th – 5th day of the race