Ariel2 just started her home delivery from Azores to Gosport today. At the moment I am concentrating to my physical training and just like many of the entrepreneurs, raising funding in order to be able do all what I see necessary this season and achieve my next goals.

Thanks for the photo João Nunes.


As my boat is a very technical and demanding racing tool, the annual refit operations are large and costly. The list of things to renew, change and maintain is long but that all is needed for Vendée Globe as well. So, it’s better to do as much as possible now and there will still be great deal of stuff to take care in 2020 before the mythic around the globe race.


Deputy Major of Les Sables d’Olonne*  greeting VG2020 IMOCA skippers in Saint Malo in November. (*THE iconic city to start around the globe races)


This project would be millions of times easier if I’d happen to have those millions 😉 So, if you know a company or a brand who should become a sponsor book me to meet that person now.

Suggest a time for a meeting or ask info about the co-operation by sending a message >> ahuusela.oceanracing (at)

What I offer as sponsoring is a target oriented platform – a human story, that help my partners to market, communicate and sell services or products. Because this project truly ads emotion and noticing to one’s brand which then helps people to remember and understand that business closer.

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Featured image by Sailing Images, Jari Salo