Ariel2 crossed the equator today around midday Irish time, 2 pm Finnish time. For Ari it was the 2nd crossing. And for Mikey the 1st.

Today was another milestone day after leaving the Doldrums yesterday. We crossed the Equator and are now in the Southern Hemisphere. We shared some Rum with King Neptune and he offered us safe passage South! 

We are sailing in about 17-21kts of breeze which shifts  from 120-140 True direction. You would think it would be rock steady out here! Every shower cloud disturbs everything too.. up to 40 degree shifts normally and never favourable. The next few days will be groundhog day. Easy miles but nothing changes.

We tried to reef last night, only for the breeze to drop so took it out again but now have damage in the bottom panel near the leech though so should not get any worse. Not going to reef again as it does more damage than good. This apparent wind angle of 45 roughly is a mainsail killer for us but hopefully we have some left for the downwind along the Brazilian coast in a couple of days. 

The sun is back out after yesterday’s total wash out and there is some heat in it today. Sleeping is so hard now as you just wake up soaked in sweat. Fans onboard will be necessary for Ari next year for the Vendee Globe that’s for sure. Counting down the hours till sunset and I can venture outside again! Its also full moon now so makes night sailing actually quite light! Its also slightly cooler but only slightly. 

We also passed within 3.5 miles of some tiny islands (7 maybe) out here just before sunrise. Argupelago Ilhota Sao Paulo. Google them!  I think its used as a Science Lab island but could have made that up. Total area was 300 metres North to South and about 180 meters East to West. Amazing what you come across out here. Another Island we may pass tomorrow is Fernando De Noronha which is much bigger. 

Under 4 days to go now which is around 900 miles roughly in a straight line, but we don’t do straight lines in sailing now do we!

Watch the crossing the equator video here >>