Last week of 2020. First week of 2021. Such a festive 7 days. Can’t believe all this has been happening.

First – passing the Cape Leeuwin. Then ending up to Times Square. And a new year that I could celebrate 3 times in a row. First in my own location’s time (14.30 UTC), then Finnish time (22.00 UTC) and thirdly at the official race time, UTC time.

The final touch for this awesome week was that on Sunday I crossed the limit of being sailed over 50% of the race distance vice. And am now sailing in the Pacific Ocean.

Not forgetting a big global issue of oceans wellbeing. The new year started the ocean decade that will last until 2030. Read more about this Unesco project that aims to prevent and develop the largest ecosystem of this planet, the oceans. And spread the word.