Imoca Stark has found a new owner and it’s Ari Huusela’s time to thank for the amazing journey his boat, the Imoca Globe Series and Vendée Globe offered. 

This first ever Nordic skipper making it to Imoca Globe Series and Vendée Globe start line fulfilled his over 20 year long dream finishing the iconic Vendée Globe 2020 in March. During the race the Finnish skipper became known as The Super Happy Sailor.

Ari Huusela had one of the very exceptional teams in his Vendée Globe project. Including himself, they all did it as their spare time project. Everybody had their day jobs besides the common goal.

”All those people and my sponsors believed or at least wanted to believe this can be done. They understood that racing IMOCAs is much more than an average sports or row of events. They saw the human challenge, understood the determination and were able to imagine the big goal that was truly unique. I am more than grateful to them all. What has been proofed is that single-handed sailing aiming for Vendée Globe – the toughest monohull race around the world non-stop is also the master level of teamwork”, says Ari Huusela. 

Last delivery sailing with Imoca Stark – on Saturday Nov 6th

Ari himself is now continuing in his profession as an airline pilot, A350 captain at Finnair. He is looking forward telemark skiing and supporting other single-handed ocean racing projects. His life time story just came out as a book in Finland and it is expected to be published at least in English next spring.

IMOCA Stark and Ari had a 100% finishing rate. So, it was an emotional moment to officially hand over the trustful and loyal boat to her new Hungarian skipper Szabolcs Weöres on Saturday November 6th. 
”Now it’s Szabi’s turn to make impossible possible. I wish him bon vent to his big goal of Vendée Globe 2024. Happy to see that he is following Nándor Fa’s footsteps and keeps adding international flavor to IMOCA class”, Ari tells. 

In the Float Magazine there was an article about Ari a day before him finishing the Vendée Globe. It ended like this: ”To follow this age-old human longing in all serenity makes Ari Huusela a hero out of competition in this Vendée Globe. People don’t root for him, they dream with him.”

Ari made it his way. Dreams can come true. 


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