Race from Stockholm around Gotland to Sandhamn is now on. Ari is sailing it with a crew. The lively race village offered its best before the start and it was cool to meet Helly Hansen people and another ambassador, a Swedish World Cup alpine ski racer  Mattias Hargin there, too.

Lars from Helly Hansen, me and Mattias 

 Posting a Facebook live.

From left: Jari Selin, Ari Huusela, Janne Riihelä, Toni Kuusinen, Harri Juutinen

Ari took the start carefully and with patience. The route out from Stockholm to open waters is narrow and busy with all kinds of traffic. IMOCAs are at their best when there is more space around.

You can follow the ÅF Offshore Race and ARIEL2 at the race site here or Marine Traffic for example.

Photo: Reija Huusko