Arrived in Saint-Malo this beautiful October morning. Was an incredible feeling to enter the harbor. Beautiful sun rice and magical old city. Good memories from the 2014 Route du Rhum race are so strong still. Felt touched.

Timo Caravitis and Michael Ferguson and the life raft.


The delivery from Gosport was almost in no wind. But it gave us time to do some other tasks, too. There is always an endless amount of smaller and bigger things to do.

Beautiful, nice and sunny – but windless.


There she is. Happy and excited of the coming weeks. 


The race village opening ceremony is Oct 24th. That is when all the boats and skippers need to be present the latest. So, this peaceful day will soon be history. The coming mega event will be awesome.

I have my fan postcards ready and pen sharpened 😀

Breakfast well deserved: me, Mikey, Joel from Ukkoverkot and Cara. 

One of my favourite views in Saint-Malo. Sea pool and the ocean to cross.


The race start is Nov, 4th, 2 p.m. French time.

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