For all of the Route du Rhum skippers making it to the starting line is already a victory itself. And especially in massive and demanding projects like IMOCA projects are – the first win always is this.

For Ari the start of Rout du Rhum meant also another big thing. He just made sailing history becoming the 1st ever Nordic IMOCA skipper starting in Route du Rhum or any official IMOCA races. 

The start day weather was good which was a pleasure not only for the skippers but for the hundreds of thousands of followers at the sea and offshore, too. 

Ukkoverkot, HPP Attorneys and Containerships visited the Route du Rhum race village and waved fair winds to Ari. Photo: Jari Salo, Sailing Images

Photo: Jari Salo, Sailing Images

Took the start easy and safe. My goal is to finish the race. That makes me avoid risks and 123 boats in the same starting line is a risk itself.

Featured photo: Jari Salo, Sailing Images