In this Sunday of week 13 changing to week 14, it is 91th day at sea already. Ari has around a week to the equator and 4500NM to go to Les Sables d’Olonne.

For Ari the BIG ACHIEVEMENT of the week was completing the “Antarctic round”. He has rounded the globe South Antarctic way on Jan 4th.

82% of the race was covered in the end of the week.


This week a new race record was made when Clarisse Cremer BANQUE POPULAIRE broke the 20 year old “fastest female skipper” record made by Ellen MacArthur.


The sea and wind conditions have been mixed. There has been very little of good rest and lots of frustration on board. Waves banging, wind angles turning. Feelings that what ever you do, it does not take you anywhere. But for cheering us all up and making himself cooler in the hot temperatures, Ari shaved the beard off. That was fun!