Last night as the sun started to go down on our approach to the Western side of Cape Verde Islands the Flying Fish came out to get us. I got a direct hit to the shoulder while we had some in cockpit pockets and hiding under the A3 bag which is strapped down on the high side. One even went for the main but luckily at an angle that it could go straight threw and at a bit where there is still actually some sail!

We have the worlds largest tell tale flying off batten 3 …. this used to be a reflective camber stripe but not anymore! We also had up to 30kts either side of the 12-15kt wind shadow of the island so was ballast in/out all night.

Our little group of 60’s have finally all come back from the East to join us and we should be lined up nose to tail in the next few hrs with Alexia and Joan leading the way followed by Sida,Pip then us. Miranda decided to go and play on her own 2 days ago after a great leg from the Canary Islands. We have managed to sail to 75-80% with our undercanvased set up and we are well impressed with Miranda’s, Pip’s and Alexia’s pace and vmg downwind which I’m sure involves holding onto the kite.  

The breeze should start to drop slowly later today and we will take that opportunity to go “full main” again as we’ve been reefed from La Palma. We can then go back to masthead gear as long as we dont push it too hard so thats this afternoons excitement. 

We are also looking for forward to a bit of rain to get a shower! Everything is so salty to so will be nice to clean the cockpit too.  
So next stop is the Doldrums! Can we have it as easy as Apivia had it please?😉